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Dataways is an AI data collection entity from Infolks Group which collects and processes supervised training and testing datasets, including image, text, audio, video, and 3D Point Cloud for machine learning algorithms. We have extensive experience in data collection and labeling since 2016, with a team of around 1000 employees who are able to collect data from all regions of the globe. Hospitals and data vendors place their trust in us, forming valuable collaborations to provide us with the necessary data.

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No Advance Payment

No Advance Payment

Nearly all service providers in the field of data collection seek advance payment for data collection. Here we distinguish ourselves by not demanding payment before delivering you with the datasets you require. Also, we don't collect payment from you until you're entirely satisfied with our service. This is why we defined payment as the last stage in our working process.

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Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Our team consists of highly talented individuals with excellent skills who are empowered to build trust in every phase of the data production and processing. With commitment and professional experience, we collaborate closely with our clients to guarantee that all communications and business requirements are open and clearly addressed in a timely manner.
Dedicated Team

Reasonable Price

We have access to a wide range of data collecting methods and machine learning data kinds, such as 3D point clouds, audio, text, images, and videos. These data are gathered using cutting-edge tools that enable the newest technologies. Our team works hard to gather and provide AI training data sets at a scale that will significantly boost the success of our customers with minimal price scale.
Dedicated Team

Quality Paramount

Artificial intelligence is becoming more competitive in today's technological world. One of the most crucial factors in gathering data to train AI models is quality. You are in the right place if you're looking for data providers who care alot about quality. With our vast expertise and innovative methodologies we deliver supervised data which support a wide range of languages with increased quality.
Dedicated Team

Feasibility Study

In order to assess a plan's viability for effective implementation in any sector of work, a feasibility study is essential. Before beginning a task, we do an analysis and create a preliminary plan to help our dedicated team to understand how we must work for the specific data gathering procedure and whether we can finish the assignment by the deadline.
Dedicated Team

Utmost Privacy

Maintaining privacy is crucial when handling data from guarded areas like the government and healthcare because even a tiny disclosure could have a significant effect. By deploying Sophos firewall security solutions and setting physical access control in workplace, we maintain the highest level of privacy along with enabling limited access control and restricting the use of personal data storage devices in work premises.
Quick Response

Quick Response

The availability of the service provider whenever they are needed is a crucial component of the client experience. Anytime you need to get in touch with us, our highly competent customer care team will always be available. As a result, we keep our response rate high by providing 24*7 customer support.

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